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New Year... New Goals!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

After the holiday rush has subsided, I look forward to a few slower days to take stock of the accomplishments and happenings of the past year. 2020 was special in so many ways. With a global pandemic that halted life as we know it, it took a bit of creativity and willpower to keep this dream alive. I was able to make the best of canceled markets by hosting my own version right at home. To add to the fun, I was able to collaborate with fellow small business owners to get my candles into more shops in PA & NJ. What a crazy year it was, but my business grew and flourished despite many challenges!

Table with Candles
Christmas Pop-Up

Selling at markets and events are my favorite because I get to interact with my customers, meet new people and makers! Since all events were put on pause, I decided to host a few small pop-ups in my parent's backyard!

In the early fall and winter, I invited friends, family & south Jersey locals to stop by and shop! It was such a nice experience and I'll certainly continue the tradition for years to come!

Bookcase of Christmas Candles
The Rabbit Hole Vintage

I was lucky enough to have my candles for sale at several spots in NJ, PA & OH in 2020. I added 3 NEW stockists: Red Barn on Ridge (PA), The Rabbit Hole Vintage Marketplace (PA), All-Seasons (NJ) and the Ginger Hill Farmer (OH). I can't forget Costello's Christmas & Home Shoppe (NJ), which was the first to carry my candles & melts. All these business owners are absolutely amazing and I love working with them! I look forward to expanding my collaborations this year - more to come on that later.

Looking at what's to come this year is both exciting and truthfully a bit scary! On my never-ending to-do list is adding new scents to the mix, collaborating on special projects with local female farmers and artists/makers, and celebrating my farming heritage. This brand I dreamed up has solid roots in agriculture and I want to stay true to that mission of making a great product that centers around the importance of farming and family. I would like to polish up my website and social accounts so that my photos continue to tell a story.

I hope this post gives you a bit of insight into my world and how much I enjoy making candles for my community. As always, I love to hear feedback from my loyal customers, so feel free to comment on this post and what other things you'd like to hear about!

Love Always,


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