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You know that old saying - don't put all your eggs in one basket, well I certainly don't do that, but rather I like to diversify my workload to the point of pure choas. What I mean to say is I've been a busy bee making candles the past week, but I've had a few other hurdles to compete with too. Not only did I had a last-minute project come up and a bunch of local orders for my Salem County friends (thanks btw), but work and school have been ultra time-consuming. I have to say that throughout this whole pandemic, I have been super busy and as I look forward to events and more this Spring, I'm excited at the prospect of having more free time.

I know I shouldn't wish time away, but if we could skip March and go right to April I would be so very happy. I'm trying to balance the schedule of my full-time job, last semester of graduate school, candles and a few other projects I have in the mix.

You see, I've been working on my Master's in Creativity & Innovation for four years and I'm in my final semester. This term I'm taking a digital marketing and a digital learning course and they seem to be loaded with more work than usual, but the end is less than 30 days away!! Yay!!

Of course, I've already been dreaming up creative ways to expand the Farmer's Daughter Candle Co. brand by partnering with local friends and artisans. I'm always researching new scents, vessels, acessories and beyond! I'm also trying to figure out ways to merge or showcase my other new hobby of embroidery. Candlemaking provides me which such a unique creative outlet away from constant screen time where I can work with my hands. Embroidery is similar in that I'm about to express my creativity and create something beautiful too.

I'm toying around with the idea of offering make-your-own kits for people who might be interested in creating their own embroidery hoop. I would design the pattern and then provide a hoop, fabric, floss & a needle or two and a small how-to guide. You'll have to let me know if this is something that would interest my loyal candle customers! Even though it's not directly related to candles, it's a great activity for someone looking to take up a new hobby!

I began really getting into embroidery this time last year. I never took a class, but I purchased a few kits and patterns from online makers. If you're interested in getting into candlemaking or embroidery a lot of research along with trial & error is necessary. Not only do I do an immense amout of research, but I'm constantly monitoring social groups, following other makers in the space and buying new materials. I might try to figure out a good way to offer make-your-own candle kits, but there are some special tools needed that aren't as accessible. One of these days I'll have my own shop and I would love to offer make your own candle workshop - hey a girl can dream! For now I'll continue to check off my neverending to-do list and daydream about life after grad school!

Love Always,


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