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Spring is in the Air!

The wintery weather has been in full force these past couple of weeks, which makes me yearn for SPRING. Although, I must admit that the snow has been beautiful. I'm craving warmer weather, flowers and bike rides! I've already received a good bit of my flower seeds from Burpees. This year I went with a few new varieties of zinnias and sunflowers. The pesky deer nibbled on my sunflowers last year, but I'll outsmart them this year! If you can't tell, I really love featuring colorful blooms in my photos...there's nothing better than a bouquet of freshly cut flowers from the backyard. My parents certainly have a green thumb and I'm thankful I inherited that trait! Gardening is not for the weary, but the stunning rewards are certainly worthwhile. As I try to escape the cold winter weather, I'm busy working on my spring collection. I have a few new scents up my sleeve that I can't wait for you all to smell!

Don't worry, favorites like Strawberry Shortcake, Juicy Pear, and Gardenia will be back by popular demand! As I prepare for the launch, I've been also planning out my events! I dearly miss seeing everyone and have two events planned in May and June, but I would love to host an earlier pop-up, if the weather permits! Events are so much work, but I thoroughly enjoy designing the layout of the tables for the seasons and bringing in props from my vast collection of antiques, bits, and bobbles. I also get a chance to draw on my chalkboards and provide refreshments to my friends and customers. The entire experience really is a culmination of some of my favorite things: candles, design, art & entertainment!

Speaking of fun, I bought a DSLR camera from a friend this time last year and have been slowly teaching myself photography and editing. If you've been following me for a bit, you'll know I like to do mini photoshoots with my candles. For last year's holiday collection, I did an "on location" shoot at a good friend's Christmas Tree Farm! It was a blast and the photos turned out amazing. I'm trying to figure out how I can go about doing a spring collection shoot... more on that soon! I think I have a location in mind.. another friend's farm!

So for now, get those seeds ordered and think warm thoughts. They're just a few more weeks until SPRING and it will be light until 7pm! I for one CANNOT wait!

Love Always,


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